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By popular request... 

I often get asked when is my next cruise, and ďWouldnít it be fun if we could cruise together?Ē by my casual everyday friends, and clients who are my friends.  Of course, I want to cruise all the time, with everyone, but thatís just not possible.  J  Having email and phone relationships with people all over the world is great, but putting a face with many of those names would be a fun thing.


So, Iíve decided to create this page on my Website to list when Iím for sure going to cruise, so you can join me and meet face to face if youíd like!  Of course, donít go just for me, go because itís a great cruise anyway!!



In October of 2004 my husband and I did a family cruise with many of his cousins on the Monarch of the Seas and had the BEST time ever.  It was great cruising with such a large group (about 15 in the immediate family, and 15 friends of family).  We were constantly running into folks we knew and stopping to chat and have drinks and do activities with them.  We all made plans then to save up for a year, and cruise again together in October of 2006.  We next sailed on the 10/21/06 Diamond Princess to Mexico, and had a small group on the Pride of Hawaii 10/1/07.  In 2008, we did the Carnival Elation for my birthday. In 2009 things are up in the air. We had originally planned Alaska, but are likely postponing that until 2010.  However, there is always a chance to add a trip at the last minute, so keep your eye out!  


See you onboard!



Cruise with Suzy on these sailings!

Watch the Suzy Cruisy NEWSletters for last minute additions in 2010!

You can also look for in Facebook and be a 'fan' and see my cruises noted as 'events' you can attend.  It's a fun place!


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