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Northern California Stingray Group


Hi, I'm Suzy Cruisy and I use that nickname for both my business and on some Corvette Stingray online message boards.  For me, it signifies cruising on the ocean as well as cruising in my Stingray in my free time.

On one of the message boards, they have the functionality of creating 'Groups' and I created the Northern California Members Group there.  It has turned into a great group of guys and gals who live in NorCal and like to meet and drive and eat.  Most are in the Bay Area, but it certainly encompasses anyone who wants to participate.

For the most part we have 2014 and newer Stingrays.   We don't currently have meetings or dues.  We tend to care the most about meeting to drive rather than doing a car show where we sit in a lawn chair all day in a set place.  We do SOMETIMES participate in other car shows put on by other official Corvette Clubs, but don't coordinate our own.

Most frequently we have what I will refer to as 'drive and dine' days on a weekend.  We meet up.  We drive a short distance together.  We have lunch.  We disperse. 

We sometimes meet at a pre-organized Cars & Coffee event put on by other clubs to chat and look at cars.  Oftentimes we do a drive and dine after this, but sometimes members literally just show up for the quick coffee and the hello and head along their way.  It is just nice to get the faces and the cars matched up with the online names.  And we just love talking about our cars and our mods.

We also have single day drives that are a big longer.  Maybe two hours to a coastal or mountain destination and a loop back. 

And we will also on occasion have overnight drives, mostly on weekends with the Saturday night. 

And we get along so well, we're thinking of doing some sporting event games together, but haven't quite organized that yet. 

Regardless, we tend to organize ourselves using our Facebook group, so if you would like to join in please request to be a member on the NorCal Stingrays Facebook Page.  We ask that you have C7 or later Corvette either already, or on order, to join.  If your car isn't readily available in your Facebook profile photo be prepared to be asked your story before you're given permission to join.  We do want to keep our group Stingray owners only and not just fans of cars in general.

Hope to meet you soon!


PS My husband Charles and I have a 2015 2LT Laguna Blue Z51 with black sueded interior, performance exhaust, magnetic ride control and NAV/PDR options.  The photo above is ANOTHER members Laguna Blue that I just love so much I posted it here.  I think with the San Francisco skyline in the background it represents NorCal the best.