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By popular request...

Want to take a cruise with Suzy Cruisy?

I often get asked when and where I’m cruising next.   People want the ease of cruising WITH me because they know I’ll deal with some of the logistical things, and it’s less work for them.  Plus… it’s fun to travel with a group.

I tend to lead a lot of groups and very infrequently cruise with just my husband.  If I’m going, I personally am excited about going and I tend to tell everyone I know!


I also lead groups of specific people or clubs I’m a part of.  

I have my own Jigsaw Puzzle Facebook group called Dowdle Puzzle Lovers.  We love the brand that has puzzles made out of the artwork of Eric Dowdle.  (Love his art, love his puzzles and he’s personally a pretty fun guy to hang around.)   I created the Facebook group simply because I loved doing the puzzles during the quarantine of 2020 and I wanted to trade my puzzles with others.   It has turned into much more.  We’re a really passionate community of puzzlers.  We have Zoom “Puzzle Parties”, in person parties and Puzzles Parties @ Sea!   During these cruises, we use the entire conference center on a ship for our own puzzle events and its super fun.   Anyone is welcome to join if they like jigsaw puzzles.


I also do trips for on occasion to support a charity.   If you have a charity you'd like to organize a cruise for, I'm delighted to assist with that!  Just let me know!


Whenever I book myself on something you can join in on, you’ll see it highlighted on the right hand side of this page.


Happy Cruising!


Cruise with Suzy on these sailings!

Watch the Suzy Cruisy NEWSletters for last minute additions!

You can also look for in Facebook.  It's a fun place!


5-Day Caribbean Getaway with Grand Turk ** NEW SHIP ** Sail with Suzy
5 nights starting at $875.00
+ $130.00 taxes/fees
from Princess Cruises®
available 10/14/2024 - 10/19/2024
Southern Caribbean & Perfect Day ~ Puzzle Cruise #3
8 nights starting at $899.00
+ $150.14 taxes/fees
from Royal Caribbean International
available 11/1/2025 - 11/9/2025
10-Day Baja Peninsula & Sea of Cortez ~ Sail with Suzy
10 nights starting at $799.00
+ $210.00 taxes/fees
from Princess Cruises®
available 12/4/2025 - 12/14/2025