in planning your vacation!

Great things said by traveler's who live nearby

"Suzy ~

Just wanted to get a note out to thank you for all your effort in getting our cruise put together. You had a lot of people to deal with in our group and it all went off perfectly.

Thank you for the wonderful shipboard credit as that was really nice! Thank you also for the lanyards and pre-cruise card you sent!

We had a remarkable time on this cruise and especially liked the adjoining balconies as we did spend a lot of time out there and it gave us easy access to each other. Of course the food was wonderful and we were impressed with how clean they kept everything on the ship.

Thanks for all you did for us!

Love, Jeff & Jackie & Family"

Orange County, CA (as well as other locations)


Thank you for all your help in our vacation of a lifetime!


Mountain View, CA

"It was the last minute. My husband and I couldn't decide where to go or what to do. We threw around choices, Mexico (too hot). Las Vegas (way too hot). Then I remembered how Suzette talked about cruising. We'd always wanted to go to Alaska so on the off chance there might be something at the last minute, I asked Suzette to check it out for me. Not only did she book us on a cruise and get us a great price within 7 days of sailing, but she held my hand every step of the way with suggestions on clothing, what to take, what to do (and what not to do!) all the way to the day of the flight up to catch the ship. She is a walking encyclopedia of information for travel! If you look up "cruising" in the dictionary, you'll find her picture. I'd use her again and again!"

Rosie Simms

Danville, CA

Rosie on her Carnival Cruise with her prized towel "chicks"

And from far-flung Internet friends..

Suzy was great at providing a level of service I wasn't receiving with my previous travel adviser.  Her thoroughness, knowledge, and always quick response was what really set her apart.  She promptly made numerous changes to my booking whenever I asked, and was able to handle the exchange of US $ to CDN $ for me since I live in Canada.  I know that she continued to monitor my cruise for price decreases and upgraded us once she saw the price of a higher cabin drop.

I have since recommended my parents to her for their travel needs, and would recommend her to anyone that I know looking for travel advice.

I look forward to booking my next vacation with her, and receiving this exceptional level of service I have come to expect.”

Burlington, Ontario, Canada

"I have had the pleasure of turning all my cruise worries over to Suzette. She is very knowledgeable, not only about the Cruise Industry but about the Travel Industry as a whole. If you are considering travel to a city in the US, an exotic island or a weekend getaway, I suggest you contact her and let her take care of the rest. She makes the entire process worry free. She's honest and reliable. Suzette is always available, ready, willing and able to help with any travel concerns you may have. Suzette was my TA for my last 2 cruises and found the perfect cabin for me. She has a current booking that I'm looking forward to.  I referred my sweet mother to her...that should pretty much sum up my opinion of her."
Pam Winn

McDonough, Georgia

Pam & Rex's Sapphire Pre-Inaugural Journal

Pam & Rex's Sapphire Inaugural Journal

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