in planning your vacation!

Why book your next vacation with Suzy Cruisy?

             Ø       The SERVICE guarantee

Suzy guarantees great SERVICE.   What’s service from a travel agent you ask?   It's answering your email or phone call in a timely fashion.   It's helping you pick out the right vacation for your tastes and budget.  It's LISTENING to you both before and AFTER you book your vacation.  It's understanding if you change your mind, or just have more questions after you’ve booked.


Ø       What about Price, you say?

Suzy has good prices. is a small agency with big connections to a large travel network that has great offers!  Her prices are sometimes the same and sometimes better than what you can find at big online travel sites.   However, her focus is on SERVICE.   What most travel agents fail to tell you is that once you book a vacation, and especially a cruise, your price usually can’t go up, but it MIGHT GO DOWN.  

How you ask?   By Suzy watching the pricing on your vacation AFTER you book, and asking to have your vacation repriced at a lower rate if it becomes available.   This is what is meant by SERVICE.   On cruises, if a price reduction isn’t available, sometimes an upgrade to a higher level cabin category is, and Suzy will work hard to get it for you!   You don’t have to ask for any of this, or keep checking in.  Suzy will monitor everything for you and alert you if she has been able to make a change that benefits you!



Ø       Who is Suzy Cruisy?

Unofficial answer:

Suzy is a CRUISE OBSESSED individual.   A walking, talking, chatting, cruise-a-holic!   Think of Suzy as one of your best friends you like to talk about upcoming vacations with… except Suzy has great connections to inside information and pricing.  ;)   When not working on someone’s vacation plan, attending a seminar,  or traveling to learn about a ship or destination, Suzy can be found chatting with her fellow cruise buddies at a well-known cruise message site.


Official answer:

Suzy is Suzette Poulter, Travel Consultant.   Suzy is the owner of and can help you with cruise and land vacation bookings and can get you great prices!


Ø       I want to cruise this year, but go to Hawaii on a land vacation too.  Can Suzy help me?

YES!   Although cruising is Suzy’s personal passion, she has also been trained on, and been to, many other places in the world and can help you plan a land vacation too!   If you are thinking of a ski vacation to Colorado, a fun trip to Las Vegas, a tropical getaway to Tahiti or any other vacation that involves a hotel, Suzy can help you!  And adding a few nights pre or post cruise is also easy for Suzy to arrange for you if you want a combination cruise/land vacation!   Just request a quote or more information.  


Ø       Why should I use a travel agent instead of booking directly online?

First, most folks don’t realize that “online” is just another travel agency with a different type of “storefront”, unless they are booking directly with the cruise line or the resort.   However, booking direct is NOT the best way to book your vacation.   Booking direct is not the best way to get the best prices.   The “suppliers” (cruise lines, all-inclusive resorts, etc.) know that travel agencies are what brings in most of their business, and they don’t undercut us.   They offer the same prices to you as we offer their product to you.   And if you want “extras” its our buying power that gives us negotiating power on your behalf!  Its good to have someone who can and will (SERVICE) stand up and speak for you!  


A true story, by Suzy Cruisy:

I booked my first three cruises with local agents that had been in the travel business for a long time.   And I am the obsessive, planning type, so after booking I had lots of questions.   I asked questions about the cruise, I got a coupon in the mail and asked if it was applicable to my sailing, I asked about bringing my family.  I ASKED a LOT of questions.   And, the general feedback I got from my agents AFTER booking was that they didn’t want me “bothering” them.   It was like they had gotten the sale, and geez, stop calling me!   Being that I was an accountant in a service business BEFORE my cruise addiction, this was unfathomable to me.   I expected to receive service from the travel professionals the way I had given service as an accountant.   And it wasn’t happening!!


The next cruise I booked last minute online, direct with the cruise line, and after that I became an agent!   I had done a lot of research about how group cruising worked because I wanted to do my annual family reunion on a cruise.  Learn about cruising with a group .  What I learned made me realize that I wanted to be in charge to give my family great service.  So I just studied about being an agent, and spoke to a few local agencies to gain a mentor and an affiliation, and became an agent.


The rest is history, as they say.   Being a travel consultant is obviously my true “calling” and I LOVE it.   It's my motto to “be your agent for life”.   And from what most of my clients tell me they have never had such great SERVICE in their lives and send me lots of their friends as referrals.   I hope you will take a minute to read a few comments my clients have said about me so that you will be interested in giving me a try on your next vacation!