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Group Cruising

What’s so great about cruising with a group of friends or family?

If the person organizing the group gets enough folks to go they can cruise for free! Generally, if you have 8 cabins with 16 people (Singles paying double DO count as 2, but the 3rd and/or 4th in a cabin do NOT count).  You earn a “Tour Conductor” credit = one free cruise fare.

How easy is it to be a group leader?

Anyone can do it! You just need to invite your friends and family onto the cruise once you tell us which one, and have them call our agency and we’ll take it from there! We’ll even put together flyers for you to help you sell it!

Why is it great for charitable organizations?

Because the group leader can choose to have the Tour Conductor credit given back to the charity as cash rather than given to the group leader. Charities can make a lot of money this way, simply by encouraging folks to book all on the same cruise for a vacation they need anyway!

What kind of groups can be groups on cruises, or even in some all-inclusive resorts?

Any kind! Family reunions are very popular.  Individuals celebrating a milestone birthday or retirement,  or couples celebrating an anniversary love inviting their friends and family along. Groups that want to hold a seminar (some ships have conference rooms that are available for FREE! if you reserve them in advance). Charities and clubs. Senior communities. Groups of friends. You name it!

Group Testimonial:

Just wanted to get a note out to thank you for all your effort in getting our cruise put together. You had a lot of people to deal with in our group and it all went off perfectly.

Thank you for the wonderful shipboard credit as that was really nice! Thank you also for the lanyards and pre-cruise card you sent!

We had a remarkable time on this cruise and especially liked the adjoining balconies as we did spend a lot of time out there and it gave us easy access to each other. Of course the food was wonderful and we were impressed with how clean they kept everything on the ship.

Thanks for all you did for us!

Love, Jeff & Jackie

For more information: Contact us about groups